Should You Incorporate a Service Based Business?

Written by: Suzanne Cody CPA, CGA Single shareholder corporations are probably one of the most common types of corporations created in Canada.  When making the decision to incorporate, you should be aware of the pitfall of becoming an incorporated employee.  As many contractors are finding out, tax-wise, it’s the most dangerous.  It is known as … Read more

Preferred Shares? What are those?

Written by: Suzanne Cody, CPA, CGA, Senior Partner Preferred shares are a hybrid investment having both the characteristics of owner’s equity and fixed income. These shares represent an ownership interest, do not have a maturity date, do not generally have voting rights, and have a par value (the value as declared in writing by the … Read more

Should You Earn Investment Income in Your Corporation?

 Written by:  Suzanne Cody CPA, CGA, Senior Partner A question often asked by people is whether they should own their investments personally or hold them in a corporation to delay paying income tax.  Remember!  There is no avoidance in paying the tax only careful planning to minimize the damage. The government strives to equalize the … Read more