Estate Planning

For some reason I have been running across a number of articles lately on that unmentionable five-letter word: “death”. The Globe and Mail ran an extremely good column by Tim Certnickon Nov 24 entitled “Ten financial steps to take before you die”. I am certain he would be flattered if I relayed the key points … Read more

Hiring Youth

By the time you read this the municipal elections will be behind us, but as I write one of the favourite topics of discussion is job creation. In light of that, this month’s article will be about hiring youth. …to read more download: “Hiring Youth” Article November 2010

Income Splitting Essentials

Income splitting is a tax strategy that involves transferring income from a higher-earning  spouse to a lower-earning spouse or adult child. Despite tax credits for a wholly  dependent spouse, it is still more tax advantageous to have both spouses in a similar tax bracket. …to read more download: “Income Splitting Essentials” Article October 2010