Our Team

Meet the Team

The Cody & James Team is here to help. Call or email to find out how we can work for YOU!

Cheri Anderson
Office Administrator

705-876-6011 x1001
Brenda Vibert

705-876-6011 x1000
Hazel Diwa
Staff Accountant

705-876-6011 x1006
Lisa McGlade
Junior Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer

705-876-6011 x1007
Patrick Finlay
Junior Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer

705-876-6011 x1016
Bao Le
Junior Bookkeeper

705-876-6011 x1003
Suzanne Humphries

705-876-6011 x1004
Bev Collins

705-876-6011 x1015
Leah Manley
Tax Preparer

705-876-6011 x1012
Colleen Dow
Tax Preparer

705-876-6011 x1002
Kelly Grant
Accounting Technician

705-876-6011 x1017

Just because we work with numbers, doesn’t mean you have to feel like one.

Cody & James Chartered Professional Accountants