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Cody & James Chartered Professional Accountants

There’s a certain comfort you feel when you’re in good hands.  You worry less.  You don’t stress over details.  You focus on today.  For service with a personal touch (and help getting it done before you even know you need it done), Cody and James is the right choice.

Just because we work with numbers, doesn’t mean you have to feel like one!

There are different ways in looking at financial health and taxes.  For a lot of accountants, it’s about responding to numbers, details, and deadlines.  Other people want a partner.  Someone to look ahead.  Someone who is familiar with their unique personal and business situation—helping them organize, streamline, and save money.

At Cody & James CPAs, our business starts with people.  In fact, many of the clients we started with 25 years ago are still with us.  Providing financial services with a personal touch is what we excel at.  The better we know our clients the more we can maximize personal deductions and deliver unique business insights.

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