Cody & James Chartered Professional Accountants is looking out for you.

There’s a certain comfort you feel when you’re in good hands. You worry less. You don’t stress over details. You focus on today.

Getting it done. Before you even know you need it done.

There are different ways to look at financial health and taxes. For a lot of accountants, it’s about responding to numbers, details and deadlines.

And sometimes that’s enough.

Other people want a partner. Someone to look ahead. Someone who knows their unique personal and business situation—helping them organize, streamline and save money.

Just because we work with numbers, doesn’t mean you have to feel like one.

At Cody & James CPAs, our business starts with people. In fact, most of the clients we started with 20 years ago are still with us. Providing personal service is how we provide a better financial service. The more we understand you, the more we can help—from maximizing personal deductions to delivering unique business insights.


We have settled into our brand new office and you can now find us at;

260 Milroy Dr, Unit #1
Peterborough, ON
K9H 7M9

News and Events

  • We’re Hiring!

    Personal Tax Preparer Wanted

    Cody & James CPAs in Peterborough is looking for a Personal Tax Preparer for our upcoming tax season to work with support and tax preparation staff.  The position will prepare T1s and interact with clients.  The ideal candidate will be seeking seasonal work potentially leading to a permanent position.

    If you are articulate, pleasant, and detail-oriented, have the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations, can handle multiple tasks and work under pressure, this job is for you! We require a seasoned tax preparer who has a solid knowledge of current tax legislation and is familiar with Profile tax software.

    If you possess these qualities, please call 705-775-1810 to answer a couple of preliminary screening questions.

    We will only contact those candidates who meet the criteria of the position.

  • The Accounting Zone – November 2016

    The November 2016 edition of The Accounting Zone has been released.

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    In this issue;

    • Are all employee leaves of absence the same?
    • What the heck are preferred shares anyway?
    • Furious! Employer not charged in employee’s death while at work.
    • Make informed financial decisions – Financial Literacy Month is here!
    • Tax Planning – Do you want to know how to minimize the damage before it’s too late?

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