We’re “Socially Distanced” Open

We’ve re-opened our office to the public, but you will notice some changes. Not unlike other businesses in our area, your experience when visiting us will be different, but these measures are in place to keep our staff and our clients safe.

  1. Just dropping documents off?
    1. Please continue to use the secure bin outside our door. It is emptied regularly during business hours. We will be asking you to drop documents off in a bin within the office as well to reduce multiple touch points.
    2. Please use a sealed envelope and refrain from using plastic bags for your documents.
    3. For our bookkeeping clients, please use your Cody & James folio and if you don’t already have one, please ask.
  2. Regrets, but our bathrooms are for employees only. We have closed our bathrooms to the public.
  3. Our reception area is small and we will maintain a maximum 2 clients at a time only (not including our meeting room). We may ask you to wait outside or in your car should we have too many in our office when you arrive.
  4. Our staff will be wearing masks when not behind a protective barrier and interacting with clients. We suggest you wear a mask when meeting with our staff, and in some cases wearing a mask may be required. But we’ll keep you informed and we have ordered disposable masks for client use.
  5. We will have hand sanitizer throughout the office and will encourage all clients to use it upon entry into the reception area or a meeting room.
  6. Feeling sick? Please stay home! We have asked the same of our staff to ensure we continue to contribute to the success of low COVID cases in our community.
  7. If you have a scheduled meeting with a partner, please:
    1. Limit to 2 people in the meeting at a time.
    2. Wearing a mask may be required, but we’ll inform you ahead of time. We have ordered disposable masks for client use.
    3. Please use hand sanitizer upon entry.
    4. Touch as few things as possible while in the office.
  8. Our employees will be adhering to the following new policies:
    1. Continue with reduced staff in the office with rotating shifts working from home.
    2. Use our back door if our reception area already has 2 clients.
    3. Practice 2 meter social distancing when interacting in the office, or will wear a mask.
    4. Regularly and thoroughly disinfect common areas with high touch-points in the office (POS machine, door knobs, counters, meeting room, etc.)
    5. Washing their hands frequently.
    6. Stay home if they or another member of their household are sick or displaying any symptoms of COVID.
    7. Regularly monitoring local, provincial and federal public health agencies for ongoing updates and will adapt our processes and policies as required.