Better Together – A Success Story

We are pleased to announce that today we presented a $3,500 cheque to Peterborough’s Brock Mission Homeless Shelter. The cheque represents the result of a September fundraising event held for the Brock Mission where our firm accepted over 1,400 gallons of shredding material from the community in exchange for a donation to the Brock Mission. The monies raised in 2022 are well more than double the amount raised in 2019’s campaign. Due to COVID-19, no events could take place in 2020 and 2021.

The fundraiser was developed by Cody & James CPAs as a way to give back to our community in way that focuses on the current need within our community.

Business partners Suzanne Cody and Gwyneth James are passionate about the community where they live and work and have hosted a number of fundraising events raising funds for local organizations over the years. The team chose the Brock Mission as this year’s recipient in recognition of the crucial work it provides for the Peterborough homeless population.

About The Brock Mission
When the Brock Mission was founded in the late 80s, homelessness may have been less visible,
but the problems that create it were as relevant as they are today.

The Brock was founded when a handful of Peterborough individuals noticed that there was no place for a homeless man to get shelter or support. As people of faith, these community activists believed they needed to put their faith in action; without access to government funding, or much community support, they took personal responsibility for a mortgage, and the Brock Mission was born.

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