Have You Set Up Your Shares?

Written by:  Suzanne Cody CPA, CGA  Senior Partner Have you set up your shares? One of the most important things you need to do when creating a new corporation, in addition to preparing Articles of Incorporation, is to set up share classes. Do you really own your corporation? Unless it is restricted by its articles, … Read more

Business Owners Register Now!

In partnership with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada’s (CPA Canada) financial literacy program, we are very pleased to be presenting a special clinic to help improve the financial literacy of the Peterborough business community.  We will be hosting a 60-minute session titled Understanding Financial Statements.    This is a basic session explaining the terms … Read more

Should You Incorporate a Service Based Business?

Written by: Suzanne Cody CPA, CGA Single shareholder corporations are probably one of the most common types of corporations created in Canada.  When making the decision to incorporate, you should be aware of the pitfall of becoming an incorporated employee.  As many contractors are finding out, tax-wise, it’s the most dangerous.  It is known as … Read more

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